BSE student Olivia Walklate. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

BENDIGO South East College students Olivia Walklate is using new technology to pay tribute to the past.
The year 10 student features in a video vignette that will form part of the fundraising campaign for the Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum.
Olivia had two uncles who served in wars, and along with other students from the college, will travel to Europe for Anzac Day this year.
She filmed her scenes last week at the school and out front of the RSL Memorial Institute.
Museum curator Kirsten McKay, RSL president Cliff Richards, Dennis Johanson and Jeff Bray, who is the grandnephew of the first Bendigo recruit (Jack Bray) killed during WW1, will also feature in the Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum TV campaign.
The campaign will raise awareness and funds for the building appeal, which Olivia believes is a very worthy cause.
“It will provide a place for people to share their stories with the community, and to remember the sacrifices of others, which is why it’s important to donate,” she said.