Eaglehawk Golf Course.

THE former Eaglehawk Golf Course is for sale.
Set on a prized allotment of about 40 hectares (100 acres), the property is now owned by the Bendigo Golf Club, following the 2013 merger between two of Bendigo’s most popular golf clubs.
In 2016, the Bendigo Golf Club’s best efforts to have the Eaglehawk land included in the city’s urban growth boundary were unsuccessful, with council planners successfully arguing that there was already enough land available to fulfil demand for the short term.
The Eaglehawk Golf Club is zoned as farming land, and remains only several hundred metres outside of the growth boundary. In recent years, the site has laid dormant and has been targeted by vandals.
The site has already been touted as part of an area spanning more than 600 hectares north-west of Maiden Gully that is likely to be Bendigo’s next significant growth area.
Two years ago, after the Bendigo Golf Club lost its bid for planning consideration, club president Andrew Johnston said he was “shattered” at the decision, which excluded the former Eaglehawk Golf Club site from the next stage of residential development across the city.
“Who wouldn’t want 1000 more people living just down the road?” Mr Johnston told the Weekly at the time.
“I am disappointed that councillors do not understand the opportunity for the community of Bendigo, for golfers, and especially for the Eaglehawk business community, to have 400 new homes introduced, sooner rather than later.”
Back then, council officers determined that there was sufficient land to satisfy the 15-year requirement in the State Planning Policy Framework and as such there was no need to include additional land in the UGB at that time.
An independent panel backed the officers, as did greater Bendigo councillors.
Bendigo Golf Club has previously stated it hoped to sell the Eaglehawk site, and then utilise the funds raised to create a world class golf course at its Epsom
The establishment of a destination golf course is a central theme to the golf strategy adopted by the City of Greater Bendigo in 2013.
The report considered by councillors in 2016 supported infill development without having to expand the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), but also recommended an area of about 600 hectares north-west of Maiden Gully, encompassing Balgownie Winery and Eaglehawk golf course be identified as the next growth front for Bendigo, when required.
Councillors all agreed the future plans for development of the Eaglehawk Golf Club site and the resulting development and improvements of the Bendigo site were significant positives, but commented they could only consider the amendment on planning grounds.