The Tough Guy Book Club.

One of the first things Alex Playsted did when he moved to Castlemaine was start up a book club.
But this is not just any book club.
Mr Playsted was keen to be part of a community network for men that wasn’t necessarily centred around sport or social clubs.
“Established three years ago in Collingwood, The Tough Guy Book Club is an opportunity for men of all ages and background to get together to discuss books,” he said.
“We enjoy healthy arguments and discussing ideas. The ideas may come from the book we’re reading or they may stem from elsewhere.”
Mr Playsted started the Bendigo chapter of the Tough Guy Book Club last December when the book under discussion was John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.
And at last Wednesday’s book club the men were reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
The books are generally around a loose central theme of masculinity.
All chapters of the book club read the same book at the same time each month.
“When you move somewhere new it can often be tough but the book club is a great way to establish a network,” Mr Playsted said.
“We often find opportunities to socialise with our families, and organise barbecues.”
There are now some 30 chapters of the Tough Guy Book Club in Australia.
The Bendigo chapter of the Tough Guy Book Club meets at 7pm at the Metropolitan Hotel on the first Wednesday of every month.
For more information about Tough Guy Book Club you can visit –

– Dianne Dempsey