Thunder president Ian Ross, Carlton AFLW player Kerryn Harrington and Bendigo MP Lisa Chesters. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

THE female students from St Killians Primary School who heard Carlton AFLW player Kerryn Harrington speak in Bendigo this week were inspired to never give up or let their gender get in the way of their dreams.
But Ms Harrington, who was speaking ahead of International Women’s Day, is optimistic the settings are right for her audience to achieve whatever they put their mind to.
Football, she said, was a launch pad for equality in broader society.
“They won’t be told no,” Ms Harrington said.
“If they want to play football, they now have every
But Bendigo MP Lisa Chesters, who is Bendigo Thunder’s number one ticket holder, also wants to see a change in the expectations of spectators when it comes to Australia’s elite female footballers.
“They are expected to perform at the level of men’s football but unlike the male players, most women players have full-time careers,” she said.