I HAVE been obsessing again.

It’s a bit of a first-world problem but I have been overthinking wheels and tyres.

The pressure is on, but it’s all due to the pressure being out of one of my tyres.

I have a Golf, and the car came with four 17-inch alloys and a skinny space-saving spare wheel.

This, frankly, is a disgrace in itself, and after getting a puncture and having to run around for a while on the skinny space saver made me man up and find a full-size alloy as a spare.

The annoying thing is, VW had made the spare space flexible to fit either a space saver of a full-size wheel.

They knew the space-saver wouldn’t do the trick.

It’s probably OK for a city driver, but I spend 90 minutes a day on the road down through Spring Gully and beyond, and it’s a 100 kilometre an hour road. Skinnies are limited to 80km/h.

Trouble is, last week I hit a massive Mount Alexander Shire pot hole.

It was a pot hole designed to wreck a large alloy, and it did.

So there I was, back with no spare, bar the skinny, and I had to rethink.

Perhaps it’s time to put away the 17-inch alloys and buy some sensible steel wheels that can put up with the pit falls of pot holes.

But… shall I go the route of buying a couple of spare 17s or full sets of alloys in 15 or 16 inch so there is a bit more rubber on the wheels but maintain the alloy look?

So the choice is wide, and I am frantic in my search.

Of course all this is frustrated by the variety of wheels available.

I have narrowed it down to factory wheels, as in VW only, but there seem to be dozens, so even if I just wanted a spare of my existing set I can’t find one.

Some similar ones, sure but not the same.

Then if I buy four in any other size or type, I will have to find the fifth one as a spare.

Don’t get me wrong, road safety is very important, but I almost want someone to say “There, there. I will sort it out for you.”

The long-suffering Mrs Kendall is sick of me jammed on the internet hunting for the elusive wheel or wheels.

It’s driving me crackers, and it’s for such a silly thing, but the pressure’s on and I am in a spin. Help.

– Steve Kendall