Joel Peterson

ANOTHER one of our little ducklings is flying out into the big, wide world.

In the newsroom we have a collection of seniors (elderly) and now and again we get a youngster in on their first steps to journalism.

In my 10 years at the Weekly quite a few have flown the coop and are now in other areas of media with a new and much larger audience.

The latest to move on is our elderly cadet Joel. He’s a sports journo, but has turned his hand to most roles in the office in his five years here, and he does them well.

In his spare time he was a presenter at Bendigo’s Fresh FM, calling the footy and presenting programmes, and it’s this spare time involvement which has led him to what he admits is his childhood dream job.

Starting this weekend, Joel will be a caller with ABC Grandstand.

His first gig is being part of the broadcast team on the AFLW final on Saturday, and then on Sunday it’s over to AFL and Melbourne v Geelong.

This is impressive, and what’s more it’s well deserved.

He’s put in the groundwork at the Weekly and Fresh, he’s been a casual (some would say too casual) journo at ABC Central Victoria and now he’s heading into the big league in Melbourne.

He loves AFL, so he really is the right man for the job.

It will be tough to replace him at the Weekly, but I reckon we can hang onto him for a while as he’s only working weekends for Grandstand.

While Joel heads off to Melbourne, I will continue my weekly Tuesday morning slot on Fiona Parker’s ABC show.

She met a listener while broadcasting from Port Fairy who declared “It’s nice to meet you, I thought you’d be taller,” as if radio is the habitat of giants.

I suppose radio is not at all visual, which is a good thing, because our Joel certainly has the face for radio.

– Steve Kendall