Pearl Salmon-Watson, Haydn Oxenham and Patti Fawcett.

Two Bendigo South East College students have been applauded for being top class clowns at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this month.

The trio of year nine academy of creative arts members Haydn Oxenham, Pearl Salmon-Watson and Patti Fawcett competed in the annual event, with Pearl and Patti heading to the Victorian State Final on Saturday at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

There is also a chance of a wild card entry for Haydn.

Each had a very different approach to the challenge.

As part of his interest in the ACA program, Haydn started researching and performing comedy monologues last year.

When he heard about Class Clowns, he took a look at some of the past entries that were posted online.

He brainstormed some ideas and wrote a piece, testing different ideas with his ACA teacher and his parents, eliminating some bits and extending other bits according to their responses, to come up with his final set.

Pearl started by writing out a number of short, funny bits and then playing around to find different ways of piecing them together, eliminating parts that were too random, until she found her way into a cohesive set.

Patti just figured that funny things happen and she could probably improvise something on the day.

So, she did.

They all had a chance to workshop their sets with Aussie comedian Geraldine Hickey before their heat.

She was very appreciative of their work and they were all well received.

There were four other performers in their heat, including a short comedy skit and a Tim Minchin-esque song.