Creek Street Christian College students.

It has been a very busy few weeks at Creek Street Christian College, leading up to the first round of the Human Powered Vehicle race in the Victorian series.

This first race for the season was held at the Casey Fields criterium cycling track and was a six-hour event.

This year the college entered two vehicles, White Line Fever in the middle class (years seven to nine) and Arrow-Dynamic in the Junior class (years five to six).

This event was the first time CSCC had entered a vehicle in the junior category, and they were still finishing the build of their vehicle only days before the race.

HPV coordinator James Dunstan said both the teams competed strongly across the day.

“Thankfully we had only a couple of minor mechanical teething issues to deal with,” he said.

“White Line Fever held the lead in the middle class for the entire day, with all our riders completing at least 30-minute stints in the vehicle.

“This was a great effort considering the temperature in the vehicles was more than 40 degrees for most of the race. White Line Fever ended up winning the middle category by three laps ahead of our nearest competitor.”

Arrow-Dynamic was steady in second place all day.

“However, as the day progressed our riders became more confident and became generally quicker,” Mr Dunstan said.

“At the end of the race our junior team actually managed to pass the lead vehicle on the last corner of the last lap, it was a very exciting moment for our students.

“Although we crossed the line first, an timing glitch awarded the win to another team straight after the event. Thankfully, this matter was corrected in the days that followed and our team was soon acknowledged as the rightful winners of this class.”