ONE of the buzz words of the modern era is decentralisation, and it’s something we here in Bendigo want to see a lot more of.

In the next 12 months or so, we can expect to be called upon to choose who we want to represent us at both the state and federal government level, and it’s a reasonable assumption to make that in both instance, the word decentralisation will be mentioned more than once.

Bendigo is a city extremely well placed to benefit from broad decentralisation policies from any level of government, thanks to the combination of having significant education assets, a central location, outstanding health and transport facilities, and existing business infrastructure to support further investment and growth.

Bendigo is a thriving finance hub – arguably the biggest outside of the major capital cities, and this sector continues to make its mark upon the city’s burgeoning business sector.

Our health facilities match and even exceed any other city our size.

We are a university city with a multitude of universities, ably supported by vastly improved facilities at the Bendigo TAFE complex and the expansion of its campuses.

Our rail service to and from Melbourne is better than it was a decade ago, but can still be improved and the city’s location in the geographical centre of the state is an important strategic asset.

The fact that many of these circumstances intertwine with one another is important, because they strengthen bot the city’s argument for further investment and they also strengthen our community.

For example, our tertiary sector is forever linked to the health sector, a fact that underpins training programs for health professionals across a broad spectrum of the health arena.

But there is more to be done.

Next month, the state government will hand down its final budget before the November 24 election, and with that, we should expect the maturity of some earlier announcements around the much anticipated new court complex for Bendigo and the centrally located government jobs hub that offers a lot for business in the heart of our city.

Feasibility studies for both these important projects have already been funded, and it’s reasonable to hope that a more firm commitment will be delivered at some stage in the next few months.

All of this brings with it the promise of jobs, and a lot of them high paying health and government employees who would be attracted to the world class facilities on offer in our region, and the enviable lifestyle on offer.

Communities surrounding Bendigo benefit when people move in, drawn perhaps to the village lifestyle, the scenic views, or the overall serenity of living in the country.