Jane Upton, Cindy Parker, Jeanette Carr and Julie Coyle.

A vibrant group exhibition opens this weekend at Dudley House.

A group of five women who met while studying for their Diploma of Visual Arts at Tafe, have colluded in bringing their emerging art to the public’s attention.

A spokesperson for the group, Jeanette Carr said the women painted together during 2016 and 2017.

“Tafe is where we first met and began lunching together after class,” Ms Carr said.

“We all have completely different personalities and painting styles and loved what we saw in each others work.”

Appropriately enough the women decide to name their exhibition Presence.

The conclusion the women came to during those hours of work and discussion was that age is not an impairment to creativity.

“The message is never stop learning. You will be surprised what you discover about yourself.”

The women are currently rushing to finish off their work.

“We feel we have all discovered our own unique style,” Ms Carr said.

“With that in mind we are over the moon as well as scared witless about our ever approaching venture.

“Most of our works from the past two years will be on display as well as various merchandise and new works from 2018.”

The contributing artists are Julie Coyle, Anne Lucchesi, Jane W Upton, Jeanette Carr and Cindy Parker.

Presence will be held at Dudley House from 9am to 4pm, April 7–15.

Opening night is on tonight, Friday, April 6 from 6pm to 9pm.