Annet Finger, Camille Conour and Rachel DeJardin at the Big Bottle in Hargreaves Mall. Photo: BRENDAN McCARTHY


The Boomerang Alliance descended on Bendigo this week to promote a state-wide container deposit scheme in Victoria.

On Tuesday afternoon at Hargreaves Mall, the activist group along with local community organisations handed out 10 cent refunds for empty drink containers.

This is a scheme which the group would like to see introduced across Victoria, and Bendigo was just the latest stop in their state-wide Big Bottle tour to promote the cause.

Boomerang Alliance’s Victoria campaigner Annett Finger was overwhelmed with the support in Bendigo.

“It has been a bonkers day,” Ms Finger said.

“Media in Victoria are starting to get on board and with 85 per cent of Victorians supporting the cause, we are in a great place.

“We have also received great support and assistance from the local council as well as local organisations.”

Ms Finger was also adamant that the proposal is far more than simply about recycling.

“Removal of litter from the street and recycling is obvious a big part of what we are putting forward, but it can do so much more,” Ms Finger said.

“We have seen in South Australia the amazing social impact the campaign can have, with homeless people earning money and organisations such as the Scouts also hugely benefitting from the money raised.

“To me it seems like a no-brainer that Victoria should introduce the 10 cent refund scheme.”

The tour will finish this week with Boomerang Alliance delivering the contents of the big bottle to Victorian premier Daniel Andrews’ office in Melbourne. – Richard Hinman