Greta Bradman


To coincide with her latest album Home, soprano Greta Bradman will perform live on Friday, June 29 at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo.

Home, which was released earlier this month, is a tribute to Bradman’s homeland featuring songs which encapsulate the essence of her family and friends.

The album will also include Every Day Is A Rainbow Day For Me, a song originally scored for voice and piano, and written in 1930 by Greta’s grandfather, Sir Donald Bradman.

Bradman’s debut album with Decca Classics Australia My Hero was released in August 2015 and was the best-selling classical/operatic album of that year.

With her new music, Bradman is eager to perform and show off her latest work to crowds across Australia.

“There is always a little bit of apprehension ahead of any tour, but I am just really excited to get on the road,” Ms Bradman said.

“I love creating tours which tell a story and music which is full of meaning.

“I see my newest album as an evolution in my work and I am excited to connect with people through my latest music.”

It is this connection which informs much of Bradman’s music and is a key component of her live concerts.

“When I perform, I like to feel that I am having a conversation with the audience,” Ms Bradman said.

“For that night we are all family and on a journey together.

“I love chatting with people after the concerts, to get their views on music, it is a beautiful thing.”

Bradman recently reached a global audience, as she performed during the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth games, held on the Gold Coast.

During her Australian tour in 2016, Bradman stopped off at Bendigo and she is excited to return to familiar surroundings.

“Bendigo is somewhere that I love, I have fond memories of coming to the area as a child with my dad to jazz festivals” Ms Bradman said.

“When I have performed in Bendigo I have always got a great reception and felt the warmth of the audience.

“This time I will be performing at Sacred Heart Cathedral which is a beautiful space, incredible acoustics and built for the human voice. It is going to be a special night.”

Tickets for Greta Bradman’s 2018 Home national tour are on sale now through

– Richard Hinman