Bendigo Model Yacht Club commodore Ken Lawson at Lake Weeroona.


At the same time every Tuesday, the Bendigo model yacht squadron meets at Lake Weeroona to put their creations to the test.

Each wooden yacht is handcrafted in men’s sheds throughout the Marong region, measuring more than half a metre long and taking roughly 20 hours each to build.

The Bendigo model yacht squadron evolved from the Bendigo Men in Sheds program which was operated by the Salvation Army.

Commodore of the squadron, Ken Lawson, believes it is a very easy activity to take up.

“We can teach people how to control the boats in about 10 minutes, it is that straightforward,” Mr Lawson said.

“Most people who have boats in our club build them themselves, it does not require a lot of skill and normally it takes 20 hours of manpower to complete a boat.

“Although they are 70cm long, they are very portable as the sail can be detached.”

It is not all about the boat though as a big part of the squadron is the social gathering.

“We sit by the lake talking for two hours while the boats are out then have tea and cakes inside afterwards,” Mr Lawson said.

“It started nearly six years ago now and I have made some really good friends during that time.

“We sail all during the year, it is a really fun and social activity that I would highly recommend.”

If you would like to view or take part in the weekly meet for yourself, the squadron gather outside the pavilion at Lake Weeroona every Tuesday at noon.