Golden Square Cricket Club’s centenary celebrations will roll on next season.

A NEW book will commemorate the 100 years of the Golden Square Cricket Club.

The book will be authored by Darren Rodda and Square president Ian Kellett and celebrate both senior and junior premierships.

Square celebrated its centenary in a match against Bendigo earlier this year and Kellett said the club is hopeful of developing social rooms at Wade Street Oval.

The club shares a space with the Golden Square Football Netball Club but is hoping to create a dedicated space at the ground.

Kellett said the intention is to launch the book at the start of next season in the new rooms.

“I am regularly enthralled by the achievements of players whose deeds have faded into history,” he said.

“To be able to share the stories and foundations of club has been both a thrill and an honour.

“Players such as Arthur Lowe, Ken Knight and Stan Hammill made wonderful contributions towards building this club.”

Rodda also authored a book on the history of the Bendigo District Cricket Association earlier this year, along with John Harris.

The book will be entitled The Square – Golden Square Cricket Club, The First 100 Years and will be released at the club’s 2018/19 season launch.

Kellett said those that may wish to buy a copy will need to order by June 24 so publication numbers can be determined.

Additional copies will not be available for purchase at the launch. Details on ordering are available at, or phone Ian Kellett on 0422 456 460.