Goldmines Hotel


The Goldmines Hotel in Bendigo has a reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Victoria and now customers can spend a paranormal night at the venue.

David Sterry arrived in Victoria in the mid 1850s and made his way to the Bendigo diggings, before building and opening the Goldmines Hotel on Marong Road in October 1872.

He went onto become a successful businessman and mayor of Bendigo and along with his wife was buried in the Bendigo cemetery.

Some believe though that they still haunt the hotel, especially as they both died in the hotel building.

There have been reports of paranormal activity in the hotel, which is up for sale, including in the Victoria dining room which is believed to host three spirits as well servants bells ringing despite being disconnected long ago and mysterious sightings of people.

Tour company Twisted History run the paranormal investigations which began last month, and which let customers enjoy a meal in the hotel before joining in the hunt for paranormal activity.

The first event night was held last month and Twisted History manager Deb Robinson was delighted with how it went.

“We got really good feedback from our first night, it was a great success,” Ms Robinson said.

“In the aftermath we have had bookings made for our monthly event all the way through to June which is great.

“We picked up a lot of activity in the hotel and we believe there was a male, most likely to be David Stirry himself.”

Robinson believes the old hotel is one of the best hotels in the state to investigate paranormal activity.

“The hotel has a long standing reputation across Victoria,” Ms Robinson said.

“Many of the rooms are extremely active although there is never a guarantee that every time we visit there will be something.

“It is a beautiful building which is really worth visiting.”

Spots are still available for upcoming paranormal investigations.

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