Preparation work ahead of an open house event at Hardhill.

The Australian Heritage Festival continues this weekend in Bendigo on Sunday with an open house event at Hardhill, in California Gully.

National Trust Bendigo branch president Peter Cox said the event will give people some idea of how some homes were built more than 140 years ago.

The house was built in 1874 by Thomas and Sarah Evans who had 13 children.

Thomas was a miner who died in 1900 when the house was transferred into Sarah’s name until her death in 1934. It remained in the family until 1950.

It is constructed of mud brick with 25-centimetre-thick walls with a veranda and a red brick parlour added in 1894.

Some of the internal mudbrick walls were converted to stud walls during a major renovation in the 1980s carried out by Heather Scovell and Ian Gardner.

The house still retains a large mudbrick fire place with a woodstove, a working well and the original toilet still stands in the yard on the fence line so that sewerage could be picked up from the street.

The parlour was a place where visitors were welcomed and did not have an entrance to the main house, however, a door was installed in 2008.

The house is set on an acre of land but was much larger when some of the land was subdivided by George (Monkey) Evans, head teacher at California Gully State School from 1928 to 1934 around what is today known as Evans Street.

Justin Gill bought the property in the 1950s and subdivided more land around Gill Street, Hunter Street and Frank Court.

It was again subdivided in 2005 with five new houses being erected.

It has a heritage overlay meaning it can no longer be subdivided. The house has seven rooms and seven outbuildings.

“The design is unique in its simplicity but still retains an old world feeling,” Mr Cox said.

“You know you live in a period home. It has six exit doors allowing cool breezes through it during the summer months and easy exits to the garden.

“It is a house that stands the test of time, particularly in times of power outages. Its woodstove, oil lamps and thick walls provide all the necessary services.”

Hardhill will be open on Sunday from 10am to 4pm and is at 57 Green Street, California Gully just down from the California Gully Recreation Reserve.

Admission is $8, $5 concession and $13 for a family with funds going to the National Trust in its efforts to retail Bendigo’s heritage.