James Plowright

JAMES Plowright is preparing to compete for a third world championship in the sport of Eskrima stick fighting, this time in Hawaii.

But competing in a sport that is far from the mainstream means Mr Plowright needs sponsorship to fulfill his dreams to win for third time.

Eskrima stick fighting is a Filipino martial art, and one that is growing worldwide.

Mr Plowright said he had seen the international competition grow from 17 to 33 countries.

“This is fantastic to see because it shows that everybody is promoting the sport in a positive manner, which allows growth and development,” he said.

“To me the sport may never be in the Olympics, or as big as the AFL, but it is exciting and you never know how far it can go with the right attitude.”

Mr Plowright took up the sport in 2013, training under former world champion Glen Eden.

He said he took to the sport “like a duck to water”.

He won his first world championship in 2014 in Hungary, and his second two years later in the Philippines.

With sponsorship support, Mr Plowright will compete in July in the championship event on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Sponsorship dollars will help pay for flights, accommodation, training costs, uniforms and administration costs.

Interested sponsors can call 0488 359 252.