Brad Drust has been reappointed as chief executive officer.

NORTH Central Catchment Management Authority chairperson Julie Miller Markoff has announced the reappointment of Brad Drust as chief executive officer.

Mr Drust was appointed to the role in 2015, and his new contract will take him through to 2023.

Ms Miller Markoff said the organisation’s board was pleased to make the announcement after a tough and robust recruitment process.

“With Brad’s first term expiring in mid-May, we undertook the usual practice of testing the market,” she said.

“We had a broad group of candidates, and we were impressed with the calibre and diversity of our shortlist.

“Brad was a standout, with his strong leadership and ability to bring out the best in people.”

Mr Drust joined the North Central CMA in 2003 and was a key member of the executive team from 2007 to 2015 before taking on the top job.

“This year marks Brad’s 15th year with us, and he embodies everything the North Central CMA is about,” Ms Miller Markoff said.

“Every day I am impressed with our staff and their ability to work closely with our communities right across the catchment, to create natural resource management partnerships and programs that deliver lasting change.

“Brad has been at the centre of that culture for the past three years, and a big part of it for 15 years.

“Effective project delivery and strong community and stakeholder engagement are central to what we do and Brad brings a wealth of experience in both these areas.

“Brad is an industry leader and an astute and proven executive who is recognised for being decisive, strategic and results orientated. Those are all skills we know will hold the CMA in good stead over the next five years.”