Cat Canteri

Cat Canteri’s is showcasing her newly-released album in Bendigo on Saturday.

Inner North has its roots firmly planted in the neighbourhood that Canteri calls home – the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Famed for its immigrant culture, cafés and thriving music scene, her family ties to this area go back to before 1900.

Canteri feels a deep sense of connection to the people, places, spaces she grew up in, and the songs on Inner North play out as if the listener is riding a tram down High Street, contemplating stories untold within each building.

Backed by long time musical collaborators Justin Bernasconi (guitar), Ben Franz (bass) and Justin Olsson (drums), Canteri and producer Jeff Lang turn her songs into miniature but epic soundscapes supporting her smoky alto voice and vivid

The show includes guests Sherri Parry and Well Into Winter. Cat Canteri plays the Old Church on The Hill, 36 Russell St, Quarry Hill on Saturday May 19 at 7pm.