Frank Webb

General manager of Bush’s Produce Store, Frank Webb, reckons he’s about to start the fourth quarter of his life.

“You start with childhood, there’s marriage and children, work, and then retirement, that’s where I’m at,” Mr Webb said.

After 22 years at Bush’s, Mr Webb is looking forward to having a rest.

Before he started work at Bush’s, Mr Webb worked with the railways. He resigned from there after working his way up to the position of stationmaster at Elsternwick.

“I’ve worked from the age of 17 to 63,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to working on my garden and doing repairs to the house.

“But I’ve always been addicted to renovating motor bikes.”

Recreation may await him, but leaving Bush’s is also going to be hard for Frank.

One of the aspects of the work he particularly enjoys is customer service.

“There’s a constant stream of people through here every day and I know most of the customers by name,” he said.

“I really love the challenged of finding products for them that might not be easily available.

“And I also enjoy the large, complex orders that came in from places like the Bendigo city council.”

There have been some dramatic moments working in the shop, including the time the hay shed caught fire.

“I remember I left work at 5.45pm and a mate rang me and said I better come back to the shop, the place was on fire,” Mr Webb said.

“We lost all the hay, but the shop was OK and thank goodness nobody was injured, no animals either.”

But the daily pleasures of work have far outweighed the dramas.

The ball may be about to bounce before the fourth quarter, but the result for Frank is already obvious – he’s a winner.