Active time for Epsom Primary School students.

More than 240 students from Epsom primary school participated in the climax of the annual Heart Foundation Jump Rope.

Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraising and physical activity program.

Physical education teacher Stephanie Fitzpatrick said the students raised more than $6400.

“While the school has been growing, this is still a huge increase in donations,” Ms Fitzpatrick says.

Tuesday’s event was held at the Epsom Village Green, supported by teachers and parents.

And while skipping ropes were all the go, so were other activities which encouraged general fitness.

The foundation encourages children to keep fit and healthy, while collecting sponsors to support their activities.

Since it began in 1983, more than 90 per cent of all Australian schools, and over eight million children, have participated in Jump Rope for Heart.

Children learn physical activities like rope-jumping to help improve their strength, gain confidence, build stamina and extend their physical abilities in other activities.

The fundraising aspect also aims to teach school students to be community minded and compassionate.