Emma Clohesy and her children test and play with her scented dough.

Bendigo mum of three, Emma Clohesy, has been recognised as winner of the Best Innovative Product in the 2018 National Business Brilliance Awards.

Just over three years ago, Emma created her business, Happy Hands Happy Heart – creating a range of all natural scented homemade playdough.

The products are created using fruit, vegetables, as well as herbs and spices to create their signature colours, and are all individually scented to enhance wellbeing and calm.

“My business came about from a need I had to find a way to deal with my anxiety,” Mrs Clohesy said.

“I started to play with playdough. It was an activity that kept my hands busy, fulfilled my need to make and create, and didn’t require ‘me’ time, because I could play along with my three young kids.

“It worked, it worked really well.”

Mrs Clohesy has created her business with the help of her children, now aged eight, seven and four.

“Happy Hands Happy Heart is all about life balance – working hard, following your passion and making time for fun, creating and making for the benefit of your health and wellbeing,” she said.

“That’s why I started this business. This is especially true in my personal life, and I have worked extremely hard at finding a balance that fits my family and I. So this win is pretty special.”

Happy Hands Happy Heart has grown incrementally over the past few years, just enough to be manageable with a growing family.

The awards have 12 categories representing business areas including social media, time management, business clarity, client delight and more.

The awards were held on Saturday in Melbourne.