Elise Hogan with Maiden Gully Primary School students Zeva, Kiara, Sebastian, Lily and Slater. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

BETWEEN being a teacher, designer and a basketballer turned footballer, Elise Hogan has plenty to keep herself busy.

But now she can add a new title to the list – author.

Ms Hogan has written and illustrated a children’s book to highlight inclusion called Rocket Rosie.

The book centres on a young girl named Rosie, who runs and runs but feels lonely because she doesn’t have anyone at her school to play with.

Ms Hogan hopes that it encourages children to join in and include themselves, be it in the school yard or at home.

“As a teacher you have kids that are by themselves and you say ‘go and find someone to play with’ and then you might walk off, but the kids may not have the skills to include themselves into groups,” she said.

“When I had my shoulder reconstruction done I couldn’t work for two or three months and I guess I felt a bit like Rosie, running around but always on the outside and not being able to do what I wanted to.”

Ms Hogan said it had been a long-time aspiration to write a book, and combined her loves of teaching, graphic design and football.

“It was always a bucket list item and it combined those things that I was passionate about,” she said.

“I was going crazy at home and I needed to do something. It was the perfect opportunity.”

Ms Hogan said she would love to turn the book into a series.

“There’s definitely kids, and even adults, that these kind of books are perfect for, to help with those simple messages,” she said.

For more information and to order a copy of Rocket Rosie, go to www.therocketrosie.com.au