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The Bendigo Historical Society, in lieu of a museum, is currently presenting an exhibition at the Bendigo Library.

Based on the history of the Hanro Knitting Mills, one of the key exhibits is a photograph of staff who worked at the mill in the early to mid 1930s.

There are about 250 people in the photograph, indicating that the mill was a significant employer in Bendigo.

The historical society is inviting readers to contact them if they recognise any of the employees and will keep a record of the names.

Part of the impetus for the exhibition has been the increasing number of garments which have been collected by members of the historical society.

Hanro Knitting Mills specialised in knitwear as well as lingerie and these items are on display in the upstairs room of the library, along with other ephemera.

Hanro Knitting Mills amalgamated with the Bendigo Knitting Mills in 1926.

The building was opposite Specimen Cottage in Hargreaves Street.

Later in 1966, Hanro’s moved to the John Brown factory.

Anyone wishing to contact the Bendigo Historical Society with further information or wishing to identify the people in the photograph can email the treasurer, Neville Davies. Go to treasurer@bendigohistory.com. For a clearer image go our website at bendigoweekly.com