Yarn bombers make their mark.

THE yarn bombers have been at it again creating another yarn tram for everyone in and around the Bendigo region to enjoy.

For the past four years, the colourful and cosy tram has travelled through the streets of Bendigo in the winter weeks, giving people a warm way to get around.

Considered to be the first tram in the world to be yarn bombed, the 302 tram began on one of the yarn bomber’s bucket lists and made its way to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show.

“It got taken up as something we do each year because it’s increased foot traffic and tourism for the tramways,” the yarn bomber, who would like to remain anonymous, said.

Bendigo Tramways operations manager Luke Treble said the yarn bomber’s preparations are just as secretive.

“The group itself is pretty undercover…As far as I know they came in and decorated at night when it suited us basically,”Mr Treble said.

People from all over the state have caught wind of the tram through a number of different outlets and have given the tram a lot of attention.

“It’s got a life of its own. We’ve had photo shoots for other magazines, we’ve been advertised overseas, so it’s becoming a bit famous,” the yarn bomber said.

“The social media I think is helping too. Explore Bendigo has been heavily promoting it on their Instagram, and (the Bendigo Tramways) have had it on our Instragram and facebook,” Mr Treble said.

“What we’ve noticed is people coming from regionally to see the yarn bomb train, it’s been very successful.”

The tram will run from the Central Deborah Gold Mine at various times during the day until August 31.

Contact the Bendigo Tramways for more information.

– Alex Gretgix