Bendigo Writers Festival 2017 volunteers

Want to help make Bendigo Writers Festival brilliant?

Now’s the time to put up your hand to join the volunteer team at this year’s Festival, August 10-12.

With more than 150 participants, including international guests Ann Cleeves, Matt Hagg, Lemn Sissay and Bente Kahan, and 100 events, the festival is a packed weekend requiring careful planning.

Under the guidance of Deborah Blake from Capital Venues and Events, the volunteer team welcomes writers to the festival green room, assists with communications, checks tickets and guides audiences at the door of each venue, and provides backup for the festival’s staff.

There is also a very important team of volunteer drivers, carrying out the vital task of transferring visiting writers between Melbourne airport and Bendigo.

You can volunteer for all three days, or just a day: either way, you’ll be an important part of supporting the Bendigo Writers Festival.

To find out more, contact Deborah Blake at the Capital on 5434 6100 or