Kay Tranter with St Killian’s students Lucia, Maddi, Makayla, Jake and Tom. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

AFTER working with thousands of students, taking countless phone calls and even helping with the odd lost tooth, St Kilian’s Primary School Kay Tranter has called time on her 37 years as the school’s finance and administration stalwart.

Ms Tranter, who started her own primary education at the school and then started work in 1982, said walking out the gates for the final time today would be emotional.

“I’ve loved my time here – otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed. I love the children, their families, the people that I’ve worked with. I’ve made so many friends,” she said.

“Of course children make it.”

Despite electronic advances being the greatest change throughout her job, Ms Tranter said the children, and the care they require, has remained the same.

“I have a different relationship with children than their classroom teachers do. I’m the person that takes Mum’s place when they’re not well, when they’re in the sickbay – things like that,” she said.

Ms Tranter has been overwhelmed with love leading up to her retirement, receiving cards, gifts and even a graduation invitation from students.

She’s also got plans, among spending more time with family, travelling and volunteering, to still attend the school’s end-of-year concert.

“I’ll do that till I’m in a walking-frame probably,” she laughed.

“I have loved it. I’ve loved every minute of it.” – Sam Kane