Steve Monigatti uses the OrCam.

The latest and most advanced assistive technology equipment for people who are blind or have low vision will be on display in Bendigo at Vision Australia’s technology expo on July 9.

Regional business manager Megan McDonald says there is a wealth of assistive technology to support the blindness and low vision community in whatever they wish to do.

“We’ll have a huge range of technology on display – from simple gadgets like talking watches and kitchen scales to hi-tech virtual reality equipment that can do amazing things to maximise a person’s remaining vision,” she said.

“It’s all available right now in Bendigo.”

The expo will feature tools such as OrCam, a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud and can also recognise faces, products and money in real time.

Also on show will be IrisVision, a software package that turns a Samsung mobile phone and virtual reality glasses into a powerful device that can dramatically magnify and enhance the vision of anything the user looks at.

Ms McDonald said anyone attending the expo must book for either a 10am or 1.30pm session and select what they are interested in.

The event will be held at Vision Australia Bendigo, 20 Bridge Street, on Monday, July 9.