Julie McMurray and Chantell Bearham. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

SHOPPERS at Charter Hall Lansell Square have the chance to be part of change, in an program aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence.

Through placing a puzzle piece in the centre’s giant jigsaw board, meals, with a target of at least 800, will be donated to women and children in local refuges.

Centres across the country have teamed up with social enterprise Two Good, which works with victims of domestic violence in areas of food, support and training, to carry out the meal mission – pledging to donate a combined 20,000 meals.

Charter Hall’s Helen Dimoudis said the program had been acting as a forum for people to open up and speak about their own

“Our focus in our campaign is understanding that there is help that is available and we can do so much as a community to support that rehabilitation process,” she said.

Two Good meals are designed by several leading chefs, including Kylie Kwong and Matt Moran, as a way to make sure those affected by can have high quality, well packaged meals.

“What you do as an individual multiplied by what we can do as a community can make a big difference,” Ms Dimoudis said.

The campaign is running until July 14.