Orthoptist Johnathan Miller. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

LOCAL clients of Vision Australia had the chance to test out a range of high-tech gadgets this week as part of the organisation’s latest tech expo.

From phones to reading and cooking tools, a range of assistive technology equipment was on show for people who are blind or have low vision.

Smart cameras such as IrisVision were among the cutting edge aids on show at the organisation’s Bridge Street headquarters.

IrisVision is a software package that turns a Samsung mobile phone and virtual reality glasses into a powerful device that can dramatically magnify and enhance the vision of anything the user looks at.

The expo also featured technology for cooking such as talking microwaves and cooking scales and a range of reading tools.

All of Vision Australia’s equipment is designed to support  people who are blind or have low vision to live the lives they choose.

The organisation estimates there are 384,000 people in Australia who are blind or have low vision.

Of these, 37,000 (about 10 per cent) are blind and 347,000 (about 90 per cent) have low vision.