Ross Taylor

It’s a long way from Northumberland, England to central Victoria but Ross Taylor says his work has flourished since moving to Kyneton four years ago.

“I’ve been inspired by the landscape around me” he said. “It’s given me the space to re-focus my art practice.”

His initial move 10 years ago to the antipodes via Europe and Japan has resulted in an assured technique as well as an abiding urge to push the boundaries of conventional drawing.

Mr Taylor’s work, which is part of a group exhibition, reflects the La Trobe Art Institute’s current theme – that of the dissonance or discord that can be enjoyed when glitches occur within the general or conventional scheme of life.

Mr Taylor’s work, Norwegian Gem, for example features both the interior and exterior of a ship’s cabin where the walls and interior items are moved around, contracted and generally played with.

At the same time there is an inherent satisfaction to be found when the subject matter comes together as a coherent whole.

Added to the intrigue of Mr Taylor’s perspective is his playful, light-filled palate.

His medium in these works consists of prismacolor on textured print making paper.

Painting, sculpture and print are used by Antonia Sellbach, James Little, Katie Paine, Michael Georgetti and Paul Kaptein who are also participating in The Grammar of Glitch, which will be at the LAI until Saturday, September 1.