Jim Crute

FOR all his softspokeness, the newly contracted Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Jimmy “The Brute” Crute speaks plainly about the coward’s punch.

“If you hit someone, if you even start a fight for no reason, you are the scum of the earth,” Crute said, echoing other Australian sportsmen who have spoken out recently against unprovoked one punch attacks.

The fighter was in his home town of Bendigo after returning from Las Vegas where he secured a multiple fight contract with UFC by forcing a first round stoppage against US rival Chris Birchler.

It is dream come true for Crute but hardly a pinnacle.

“I have got a long career ahead of me in the sport and I am going to enjoy the ride,” Crute said.

At age 22, he can already claim 10 years of training in multiple disciplines, starting at Stewie’s House of Brazilian jiu jitsu, qualifying him to fight in the mixed martial arts arena. And now the world’s premier fight promotion wants him to fight in theirs.

Crute has made it the way no other Australian fighter has, through UFC president Dana White’s contender series.

Middleweight champion Rob Whittaker and Crute’s good friend Ben Sosoli found a path through the reality TV series Ultimate Fighter.

Crute had one shot at a contract last Wednesday, and he won like he has all seven previous fights, against a more experienced opponent.

The win came after three years of hard work in Melbourne with coach Sam Greco, and his recovery time in Bendigo with family and friends this week is the first time in a while he has had the opportunity to enjoy what most locals take for granted.

“The last three years, I pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet, no one saw me and I didn’t see anyone,” he said.

Crute said he would go wherever the UFC wanted him to fight next but he had his eye on a fight date in Adelaide on December 2 where “I think we are going to take over Adelaide, there will be a whole area for Bendigo”.

He is confident about his prospects, but admitted in a post-fight interview he likes to brawl.

“I will take a hit to get a hit, I don’t care what you throw at me I am just going to eat it and come back,” Crute said.