Judges, teachers and students ahead of the session this week.

The Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal sat in Bendigo this week as part of its regional circuit.

The Court of Appeal is the state’s highest jurisdiction and hears appeals from both the County and Supreme courts.

It has a proud history of sitting in regional centres and opening the court to those who wish to see how appeals are heard.

It was the sixth time it has sat in Bendigo and last sat there in 2011.

Justices Pamela Tate and Kim Hargrave heard two criminal appeals. They were both appeals against sentence.

One was a matter involving the production and possession of child pornography and the other concerned the offence of arson.

Justice Tate said it was important for the court to visit Bendigo because the Supreme Court is a court for all Victorians.

“It is vital for the court to go on circuit and give the wider Victorian community an opportunity to see how decisions are reached,” Justice Tate said.

“Victorians can be rightly proud of the court and have the opportunity to see it in action.”

Justice Hargrave said the court was pleased to be able to demonstrate how it operates.

“The appeal system is one of the best parts of our court system, where a request can be made to a higher court to review and change the decision of the original court,” he said.

While in Bendigo, the Court of Appeal members will also meet with secondary school students, university law students, a local community legal centre and local members of the legal profession including members of Victorian Women Lawyers.