Dana Twycross, Jonathan Ridnell and Diantha Vess.

Discovery is celebrating science in sensational ways during National Science Week.

“It’s the one week where we can go crazy and hold heaps of events and really inspire scientific curiosity across the region,” manager Jonathan Ridnell said.

“We’re supporting events as diverse as a science pyjama party and a visit from a NASA Astronomer who is searching the galaxy for planets.”

The highlight of the week is the Discovery Science Pyjama Party on Friday night, August 17.

Featuring live science, lantern making and shadow play the activities will complement a series of short family friendly science films from Scinema – the International Science Film Festival.

To make the event even more fun, there will be popcorn, and everyone is encouraged to bring a torch.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the popular pre-school Curious Kids will be focussing on inventing and perseverance, drawing inspiration from the story The Most Magnificent Thing.

The program is proving popular, so Discovery is holding two sessions each day – at 11am and noon.

On Tuesday at 11am, Jessie Christiansen from NASA will be giving a talk.

Details of the events can be found at www.discovery.asn.au