CHANGES at the busy Charing Cross intersection continue to catch out motorists, but VicRoads says they have been aimed at easing congestion.

Motorists travelling down View Street can no longer turn right onto High Street between 8am and 6pm on weekdays.

Previously the restrictions were only in place between 3pm and 5.30pm on weekdays.

VicRoads said the change came into force late last month in part so that buses can turn right from High Street to Mitchell Street.

The change also means that motorists can not perform a U-turn from the northbound lanes of High Street to the southbound section, around the Alexandra Fountain.

Signage to state the U-turn cannot be performed is not currently in place, however VicRoads say it will be installed. Data shows it is relatively uncommon for motorists to attempt the turn.

VicRoads’ Brian Westley said it was necessary to keep traffic moving through the intersection to keep it clear for buses.

“We’re making our roads safer and improving the way drivers use this intersection by only allowing right turns from View Street into High Street during off peak times,” he said.

“Every hour we have 18 buses travelling through Charing Cross so it’s vital we make sure traffic is moving safely and efficiently.”

Meantime, the Victorian government this week announced it will deliver on its promise to ensure all revenue from traffic fines and speeding cameras will be used to fix suburban and country roads.

A recent report into VicRoads detailed the under-funding that the country road network faces.

Roads minister Luke Donnellan has introduced legislation into Parliament that will direct revenue to repairing and upgrading roads.

Outer-suburban and country Victorian roads would each receive a minimum 33 per cent of the funds.