Millie Hawkins on the land in Axe Creek. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

BENDIGO vet nurse Millie Hawkins is working for a cause.

She raising funds for Aussie Helpers, a charity that gives back directly to Australian farming families.

It’s a critical time, with farmers battling what is regarded as one of the worst drought we have seen in 100 years.

Ms Hawkins, who is 19, is applying to study veterinary studies at Charles Sturt University this year with the aim of becoming a large animal vet.

“Applying for this course has led me to undertake many voluntary experiences at various Victorian and NSW farms,” she said.

“Our Aussie farmers are amazing. They work tirelessly every single day of the year to put food on our tables.

“During my experiences, I have been lucky enough to be warmly welcomed into many farming households, when quite frankly they didn’t know me from a bar of soap.”

Ms Hawkins said she feels privileged to have met such truly generous, down to earth and kind people, and this has led her to raise money for the cause.

“It’s hard to measure how much we rely on these farmers daily,” she said.

“The drought means farmers don’t have water to grow their crops and subsequently feed their animals.

“Farmers are being forced to euthanase hundreds of animals to end them suffering before they die of thirst or hunger.”

Ms Hawkins will be having a garage sale in late August with all proceeds going to Aussie Helpers and she would accept items to sell at the garage sale or monetary.

“As much as we would love to, we cannot make it rain, but a financial donation is going to allow farmers to keep their stock and crops alive until the drought breaks,” she said.

“We have relied on Australian farmers for generations. Now they are relying on us.”