Sarah Poyser.

Local artist Sarah Poyser has nailed it as far as marketing is concerned.

Eager to get as much exposure as possible for her artwork, she is holding her first solo exhibition upstairs at the Rifle Brigade Hotel this weekend when our city will be packed with visitors attending the Bendigo Writers Festival.

As the busy mother of four children, Sarah has found painting to be a wonderful outlet for her creative impulses.

Although there have been a few occasions when she has had to re-do her work when one of her toddlers have decided to make their own mark on mum’s current painting.

It was when Sarah fulfilled a long held ambition to attend art classes that she really became passionate about her work.

“I primarily work with watercolour as I love the movement and energy you can create,” she said.

“My works vary from abstract, realism to surrealism and bits in between, I love mixing between ideas.

“I enjoy creating pieces that rather than being photo perfect, evoke emotion, where you can fill in some of the gaps.

“And my inspiration is to try and recreate the feelings certain scenery or subjects evoke in me.”

As well as paintings, Sarah has painted linens in conjunction with Rooster and Co, who have converted them to functional and fabulous cushions.

All works will be for sale and are available for viewing from noon Friday, August 10, upstairs at the Rifle.