At St Mary’s Anglican Church, a little ray of sunshine is being created on the fence surrounding the church.

It’s a plain ordinary wire fence made of cold steel and yet, it is being transformed by love and compassion.

Hundreds of bright yellow daffodils are going to adorn the fence and re-create it into a wall of sunshine and a message of love, at least that is what is hoped by the people there.

Today is Daffodil Day, the time many all dig into their pockets to give to Cancer Council Australia.

Unfortunately, we all know what cancer is and if we haven’t come face to face with it in our family, we live near someone or know someone who has.

It is a cruel disease that affects young and old, rich and poor.

Rev Tracey Wolsley said the people at St Mary’s and Kangaroo Flat community including students from Bendigo Special Development School, Kangaroo Flat, Big Hill, Lockwood South and St Monica’s primary schools have all been busy over the past few weeks making hundreds of daffodils.

“These will be attached to the fence of St Mary’s both on High Street and Church Street, Kangaroo Flat in the hope of bringing sunshine into the lives of those who have battled cancer or battling cancer,” she said.

“We care, our hearts go out to you and we are praying for you. If as people drive by, they see a field of daffodils and know they are not alone and that people care and together we are continuing to work towards one day hopefully finding a cure, then that is good.

“If anyone would like to make a daffodil or pick one from their garden and contribute to creating a ray of sunshine, please come along and place a daffodil on the fence anytime from today.”

At 9am on Sunday morning at St Mary’s, there will be a special Daffodil Service where people are invited to light a candle for someone battling cancer or, in memory of a loved one.

There will be special prayers written by Sandra Davey, a survivor of cancer, and morning tea will follow the service.

If you would like to give to the Cancer Council, donations can also be made on the day.