Ewing Park

A VALUABLE parcel of land in inner Bendigo will be freed up for development as part of a council plan to relocate the McIvor Road skate park while redeveloping the Ewing Park recreation reserve.

Council has released a draft master plan for Ewing Park that would include upgrades to the football/cricket oval, a running track, fencing and a new skate park and learn to ride park.

As part of the plan, the land upon which the McIvor Road Skate Park sits, at the corner of McIvor Road and Kennedy Street, would be handed back to the body that owns the site, the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning.

“The intention would be at this stage to hand that land back to DELWP, council doesn’t own that land, so the idea would be that would get handed back,” council’s David Hogan said this week.

“Part of the condition I guess of moving the skate park from there is that we aren’t increasing council’s asset base.

“We’d move it to Ewing Park and the McIvor Road site would be handed back to DELWP and most likely be demolished.”

Ewing Park is home to the United Cricket Club and is a key junior football venue but without a senior club has missed out in previous facility upgrades.

The master plan for the reserve, bordered by Havlin Street West, Harcourt, Brougham and Mundy streets, seeks to formalise the existing cricket/football oval by realigning it to run along the length of the site. The oval would be fenced off and include a synthetic running track within its boundary.

The existing gravel carpark at the corner of Harcourt Street would be replaced with a play and learn to ride space next to a skate park and outdoor gym equipment.

It would also serve as a key location in council’s network of cycling and walking paths.

“It’s a really great location, for one, really central in Bendigo and has probably been a bit neglected and underfunded over the years,” Mr Hogan said.

“It was identified that there was some investment needed to improve the condition of that oval. So we’ve worked with the user groups and the surrounding community about what that space could look like.

“The process that we’re going through now with the masterplan is not just identifying the opportunities for the formal, organised sport but also for active recreation which is one of the things we’re focussing on at the moment.”

Council will hold a listening post to discuss the plan from 6pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday, August 29 at the Ewing Park pavilion.