Inglewood District Health’s Michelle Forrester, Bendigo Health’s Peter Faulkner, CVGT’s Paul Green.

A LOCAL initiative to find 100 Jobs in 100 Days has successfully reached its target, with a total of 104 jobs created as a result.

The campaign aim was to partner with businesses across the Bendigo region to create 100 apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities across the 100-day campaign.

CVGT Australia CEO Paul Green said the campaign’s success can be attributed to the host employers who put their hand up to create employment opportunities for local young people.

“Too often our local young people are faced with the challenge of finding employment – the struggle is real,” he said.

“Many employers want experience, while it’s next to impossible to get experience without an employer who’s prepared to give a young person a go.”

Mr Green said the campaign has demonstrated that as an individual it is almost impossible to make a difference.

“As a collective, we can achieve great things,” he said.

“We are very grateful to the local community and the wonderful host employers who have supported the campaign.”