The city was abuzz during the week.

MORE live performances will set tomorrow’s Bendigo White Night apart from those held previously, according to the event’s artistic director.

Several performance areas within the CBD allow for a unique opportunity to showcase live performance alongside the colour the event has become renowned for, David Atkins said this week.

It will see much of the CBD closed off to traffic as people are encouraged to wander the streets and take in as much of the event as possible.

“There isn’t necessarily a best spot to go, but there will be installations and activities spread out everywhere in the area,” he said.

Pall Mall, View Street and Charing Cross form the epicentre of the action, with buildings near each housing displays, exhibitions and performances from a wide range of local and far-flung talent.

“We have been able to get a lot of local performers, I think on the main stage in the park seven of the nine acts are local which is terrific and was really important for us,” Mr Atkins said.

He said live performances will be a point of difference for the Bendigo event.

Some performances will include combined indoor and outdoor installations, such will be the case with an opera theme at the Capital Theatre.

“In Bendigo that will be a big distinction, to have more performances just given that we have the spaces available to us,” Mr Atkins said.

“Within the area we have an embarrassment of riches in  terms of venues, from Dudley House to the Visual Arts Centre, the Capital, the Engine Room, Trades Hall and more.”

Across the CBD, 54 installations will be active on Saturday night to light up the city centre.

They range from art exhibitions at Dudley House to children’s exhibits in Rosalind Park and even utilising Bendigo’s historic trams.

Local traders have also taken the opportunity to gain some extra business from the festivities.

“That was imperative. In Ballarat we had some businesses do several months worth of business in the one night,” Mr Atkins said.

“A big part of it is being able to take in the installations but then also stop and allow people to explore some of the great retailers and eateries Bendigo has on offer.”

– Joel Peterson