Cally Bartlett has composed and arranged the forthcoming concert.

The Forever Young community choir rehearsed yesterday with the Girton Grammar String Orchestra to hone their repertoire of rock songs.

The Forever Young choir, established in 2011 as part of Girton Grammar School’s Community Service program, gives senior citizens from Bendigo and beyond an opportunity to come together every week in a fun and friendly environment to sing.

Kate Ceberano, will headline this year’s Forever Young concert at the Ulumbarra Theatre on Tuesday, September 18.

Music for the string orchestra to support Ceberano has been composed by arranger, composer and music teacher at Girton Grammar School, Cally Bartlett.

The arranging of music for the concert requires an extraordinary level of skill and is one reserved for the very best of musicians.

Her parents, as Forever Young choir members, will sing the songs that their daughter has arranged.

Pyrenne and David Tromans will sing together in the choir this year for the first time.

Whilst Pyrenne joined the choir four years ago when she turned 65 and moved to Bendigo, her husband David joined the choir this year. Their pride in Cally is palpable.

“At one stage during her music theory studies, there was no one able to teach her at the appropriate level. She is extremely competent with any instrument she picks up,” Pyrenne said.

David plays guitar and his father played the violin. Pyrenne’s father is a tenor, so there is music in the family’s blood.

The annual concert is the highlight of the year for all who are involved.

As well as the choir director, the school provides instrumental support for the choir, event management and publicity for the concert.