Passata making can be fun.

Imagine one weekend where you could learn how to stock your own and your friends’ pantries with salamis, cheese, pasta, beer and wine, breads and pickles that you have made yourself.

Imagine then if the ingredients were all sourced locally, including from your own and neighbours’ gardens.

Perhaps you have a skill or recipe that was passed on from your great-grandmother that you would like to share.

Encouraged by Pick My Project, a group of locals have joined forces to create the Making Festival, a weekend of hands-on workshops and talks, and you can help make it happen.

To be held mid 2019, the weekend will offer workshops from bread, pasta, passata, salami, cheese and wine making, to fermenting and pickling, to creating a vegetable garden, composting, foraging and keeping chickens and bees.

Pottery, natural dyeing, mending, repair and upcycling, will be included in the program, with forums on reducing waste and sustainable living.

Program manager Melanie Scaife said specialists in their fields will come to Bendigo, and present alongside locals who have special skills and knowledge to share.

“Whether it is passata and salami recipes passed down over the generations, age old sauerkraut and bread making techniques, or the latest innovations in sustainable living,” she said.

The weekend will include forums and workshops to explore ideas for neighbourhood and community sharing and sustainable programs.

“By facilitating this trading of skills, knowledge, traditions and ideas, the aim is to build healthier, more enjoyable, vibrant, connected and sustainable communities,” Ms Scaife said.

“Using this platform, the richness of the region’s diverse cultural traditions and knowledge can also be celebrated and appreciated. We welcome all to participate with their hands, feet, friends and ideas.”

The project can be voted for by registering