THERE is a lot of talk about equal quotas of women in parliament.

While the Labor party is having ago, the Liberals seem to actively move against the idea.

This might be me getting the wrong end of the message, but surely it should not be quota-based but merit-based, the best person for the job.

We seem very keen to pigeon hole people, be it male-female, black-white gay-heterosexual with all of the subdivisions on the side.

LBGTI seems such an inelegant way to pigeonhole a whole range of people who want to be treated equally.

Most rows I see on TV news programs, and I have to admit I only watch the ABC, are based on one type of person moaning their lot about inequality.

Would it not be simpler if we went by the term humans, and all were treated and behaved equally.

I am unfortunate, and it seems that way sometimes, that I fall into a dangerously awkward pigeonhole.

I am a white, upper-middle-aged male. My only limited saving grace is that I am an immigrant, that’s negated by the fact I was born in England.

Of course this last bit is tongue-in-cheek, but it puts me into the firing line, albeit jokingly, in the line of fire sometimes.

No way am I claiming to be hard done by, but why should being white and a middle-aged male be a stigma?

Why should any position in life be a stigma?

This bizarre mentality to want to label humans, break them down into manageble lumps, is what’s causing the problems.

I saw a commentator the other day describing aboriginal people as a minority at less than three per cent of the population.

Perhaps if we did not catergorise people there would not be a percieved focus on particular groups.

What if deaths in custody were reported as just that, rather than breaking down the ethnicity? Shouldn’t we be appalled that anyone has died rather than naming their race.

Gang fights should horrify us whoever is doing it, not just because some elements aim to pick out and emphasise when a certain type of person does it.

I can understand one division. Male versus female. Men kill so many more people than women. They murder too many women, but they murder too many men too.

So while we fight to stop the needless slaughter of women, we need to somehow stop people killing people.

I know I am crying out for utopia here, and for some reason humans bash each other, but we need to treat people for who they are, not for whether they or black or white or somewhere in between, or even if they like men or women or both.

That way, someone who is not sure where they fit in the world can be sure everyone else is in the same boat and we can just paddle on together.