BOWLS clubs throughout Victoria are opening their greens during October to encourage more people to give the sport a go.

Bowls Month encourages clubs to offer various events to help grow the game, which has more than 600,000 participants in Victoria and remains our fastest growing social sport.

“Participation initiatives like these are vital for the growth of bowls to attract new blood toclubs. Bowls Month is a great opportunity for the community to connect with their local club, meet new people and get introduced to the game,” Bowls Victoria chief executive Graeme Bridge said.

In the past two years, regular bowls participation has increased by of 3.6 per cent per year, and Mr Bridge said new flexible formats for social bowls have had a strong impact on the structure of the game.

He said more Victorians were turning to bowls due to it being accessible, inclusive, social and relatively inexpensive to play compared to other club sports.

Encouraging participation in sport is an integral part of Bowls Month, after VicHealth research found that fewer than one in three Australians are getting enough physical activity.

Activities on offer this month include Bowling with Babies, Come and Try, Barefoot Bowls, Tradies days and Kids days.

For further information or to get involved in Bowls Month, please visit