Andrea Metcalf

CITY of Greater Bendigo councillor Andrea Metcalf has proposed a notice of motion that would for the first time create a lobbying group representing all Victorian local councils on the issue of waste and the spiralling costs of recovery.

“All regional groups are facing significant challenges in waste management and they share the same problems and difficulties requiring a coordinated statewide response,” writes Cr Metcalf in the motion.

She also notes that rate capping had imposed restrictions on council spending but that investment was required to realise projects in regional waste management plans.

Bendigo sits within the Loddon Mallee Waste and Recovery Group.

Also in the council’s agenda for next Wednesday’s meeting, Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre is in line to have its funding application approved, taking some of the pressure off finances to pay for infrastructure costs.

The council confirmed the not-for-profit centre will get the maximum annual $25,000 in funding each year for two years.

Marong Neighbourhood House will also receive maximum allocated funding.

It was also the recipient this week of recurrent income from the state government.

Neighbourhood houses at Bendigo, Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat, as well as Long Gully Community Centre, Golden City Support Services and Karen Culture and Social Support will also be beneficiaries if Greater Bendigo councillors approve recommendations.

The agenda also includes a draft review of its Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme which it has judged “fundamentally sound” but needs to implement recently adopted strategic work as well as commission strategic work to cover gaps that have become apparent since the last review.

The outdated study has characterised neighbourhoods and residential areas which council officers describe as overprescriptive, leading to tensions managing infill development in the city.