Felicity holds a mat that a thief put at her front door in place of an heirloom mat.

Local resident Felicity has a special sentiment for the door mat that has welcomed for almost 100 years visitors at her heritage home in Bendigo, so much so that she wants it back after it was stolen.

Just like the mat, she is convinced it was no ordinary theft.

The thief left a rubber substitute in its place.

She explained the original was made of coir and had the name of the house, the Knoll, written in black coir woven into it.

Such was the traffic, and the direction people entered and left the house, that two diagonal corners of the mat were worn.

Regardless, Felicity believes it belongs to the house and could tell stories about the people who wiped their feet on it.

The house has been home to Bendigo mayors, businesspeople and has even served as a place of worship.

“If that doormat could talk, it could tell some interesting stories,” she said.

Anyone with information can call the Bendigo Weekly on 5440 2500.