Derek Guille

When popular ABC statewide broadcaster Derek Guille announced his retirement in 2011, the audience reaction was unequivocally one of dismay.

How would it be possible to get through the long nights without him?

What would happen to the legions of musicians he supported both on and off air?

Before that Derek worked the mornings, afternoons and evenings both statewide and in Bendigo.

To the locals he was “our Derek”. His retirement was a bit like the loss of Blue Hills or Thomas the Tank Engine.

He provided a sense of continuity and comfort in a volatile and unpredictable world.

But listeners should not be deceived by Derek’s soothing tones. He is also an astute and well-informed interviewer.

As ABC management said, “Derek has been a constant and important part of the lives of the Victorian community, presenting with ABC Radio for almost 25 years.”

But it’s all right. Derek has come back.

As from Wednesday October 17 Derek has been replacing Fiona Parker (also highly valued) who is on long service leave.

Derek has recently moved back to central Victoria, and he’s excited by this opportunity to reconnect with the ABC audience and family.

“I’m looking forward to slipping the headphones back on and getting back in touch with this exciting district. There’s so much to talk about and to celebrate,” he said.

Derek’s life at the ABC began in 1987 in Horsham where he hosted a current affairs program.

However, before beginning his radio career, Derek worked for Batman Records, his love of music being a characteristic of his broadcasting. He is a member of jug band, The Ugly Uncles, and a regular performer and presenter at music festivals such as the Port Fairy Folk Festival and the Queenscliff Music Festival.

Central Victorian audiences can hear Derek each weekday morning from 6.15am – 10am on ABC 91.1FM Central Victoria.

Fiona Parker will return to the microphone on Wednesday, November 28.