Margaret O’Rourke

TWO-TERM mayor Margaret O’Rourke will seek election for an unprecented third term when City of Greater Bendigo councillors gather to vote on November 20.

Cr O’Rourke cited the benefits of continuity as the reason behind her third tilt, but she will have competition from other councillors who, with two years or more experience under their belt, can all say they are qualified.

At this stage, the Bendigo Weekly knows of only George Flack who will definitely not run, but James Williams is also believed not to be interested.

Yvonne Wrigglesworth is believed to be still making up her mind.

Excluding councillor-elect Malcolm Pethybridge who will be sworn in on Monday, that leaves possibly five councillors with mayoral ambitions.

Cr O’Rourke has had a busy year in 2018, also chairing Regional Cities Victoria in the 12 months leading up to the state election.

The next mayor will have to contend with a federal election due by May 2019.

The vote itself, which was supposed to have happened by now but was delayed to include the new councillor, will take place four days before the state election.

“We are getting into the third quarter of our council term,” Cr O’Rourke said.

“There are a number of things we would like to finish off and set up for the final year so I think having the consistency of someone as mayor for that third year would bring some real benefits.

“There is always competition, everyone would like to be mayor.

“It is a very busy role but I know there are other councillors who are interested and everyone should have that opportunity.”