Mural making for slower speeds.

Road rage can hit us all.

But if you are someone who wants to do more than just lose your cool, read on.

The way we move around our cities is rapidly changing.

Congestion, economics and, for some, necessity, is driving us to find new modes of transport.

At the same time, vulnerability on our roads is increasing and while we may want to use different modes of transport, there are many things that stop us.

Parents are less willing for kids to ride or walk to school in fear of multiple hazards, including traffic.

Some people believe it’s more convenient to hop in the car, expecting to drive to the front door of their destination.

And businesses don’t have enough options for transporting their goods.

Last month, cyclists and walkers took the lead on addressing innovations in transport with the Bike Palooza program and the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference.

Now there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved at an upcoming community event.

Future Movers 2 | Streets for People is an event focussed on travelling for work, study, shopping and play.

The group is are exploring how the community can better use roads to make everyday travelling safer, more enjoyable and workable for everyone.

Bendigo’s first ‘intersection repair’ mural coordinated by Bike Bendigo to reduce speeds is one of the examples being showcased.

They will also look at a truck company that is helping to educate commuters about sharing the roads with cyclists, and a school working to reduce traffic congestion through traffic management and active travel programs.

There will be interesting perspectives on engaging young people around road safety.

Last year at the first Future Movers event, more than 100 people from diverse backgrounds got together to express ideas on how to develop transport, improve roads and increase safety in the future.

At Future Movers 2, community members are building on this to showcase local solutions, enlist support and formalise a united approach.

Some may say: “What difference will this make, it’s just a talk fest?”

However, change starts with new connections and creative conversations between people willing to recognise the issues and take action on solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a bus, car, truck or tram; ride a bike, scooter or motorbike; walk or use a wheelchair.

You can attend Future Movers 2, have your say and be part of creating a better future for our roads and our community.

Event details: Thursday, November 15, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, The Engine Room, 58 View Street. Light refreshments provided, so please register for catering purposes:

– Karen Corr